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Thread: Satoko Miyahara withdraws from 2017 Worlds

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckm View Post
    Kostner scored 35.60 PCS starting at #7 at Euros. That just happened to be the 2nd highest PCS score in the SP competition, after Medvedeva. I am sure she will get her usual high PCS score wherever she starts at Worlds.
    Yeah, but it was at Euros, and even so, someone complained they were lower than expected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andromache View Post
    Liza T. and Carolina are the only current senior ladies who come to mind.

    Junior ladies don't count tbh. It seems like many ladies had both clean lutz and flip as juniors, but that changed after growth.
    Mariah Bell has no edge issues! I guess sometimes she gets ! on flip AND once in a while ! on lutz. considering that their interchangeable and I have never seen her get a full "e" I count that as no edge problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4everchan View Post
    don't worry, if the Canadian ladies win anything, some people will always find ways to belittle them... chuckm, it's enough... another long post which is completely meaningless...

    Being a newbie is not always a curse.... ask Medvedeva
    Not to worry 4everchan, no one takes his predictions seriously anyways, having underestimated Canadian women for years, going back to Joannie.

    I think his pancakes, like his predictions, may need perhaps, a bit more Maple Syrup on them.
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    Disappointed Satoko Miyahara won't be at Worlds, but it makes sense. She's my favorite skater this season, so hoping she makes a full recovery for next season!

    Sending positive thoughts to her. Hoping Ashley/Katelyn/Carolina can grab one or two of the medals.

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