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Thread: Chan fears for skaters' health/quads

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    On the topic of this thread,

    1) I also fear for skaters' health. It seems like some of the younger guys are skating on borrowed time (or knees).
    2) If the ice is bad, skaters should speak up and it should be fixed. There shouldn't be a pretense that athletes need to skate through the pain, whether that's bad ice, dangerous conditions, illnesses, concussions, etc. We also shouldn't celebrate a culture where concern for health gets labeled as an excuse.

    Keep in mind that there's a cultural difference too. I think some cultures value sacrifice more than others. I'm American and I complain about things left and right
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    Sigh. I never noticed a problem with the ice in Boston. I am probably not the kind of person who would notice said problem at all. Usually, when you go to Nationals, you hear people discussing the quality of the ice because the families/coaches/people-in-the-know compose a large portion of the audience during the early days of competition when younger athletes are competing. But that wasn't the case at Worlds, which of course, was quite packed with "regular" fans.

    What I did notice is that the same rink was absolutely frigid during the 2014 U.S. Nationals. Frigid. You were dressed in many layers, and without a blanket, it only took about 20 minutes during the practices for one to feel like one needed to escape.

    At the beginning of last year's Worlds, the temperature was much more bearable. I attended a full set of practices without needing to leave. Once the audience arrived for the actual event, I attended the first several competitions without needing a blanket. (It's very common for this to be the case once an arena fills up with audience members).

    The day after the men's event, the temperature plummeted, I had the chills, & had to return to the hotel mid-day for a hot bath before returning for the second event in thicker layers.

    It's a huge space & it's very cold. I think that in order to keep the ice cold enough, they have to constantly blow cold air throughout the arena. And I'm sure they've had complaints from audience members turning into popsicles in the past. I'm sure the organizers did their best. I suspect that they attempted to find a balance that was more audience-friendly than 2014 Nationals. (At which point there was a "blizzard" outside, shutting down airports). So Worlds began with a warmer inside temperature. And, clearly, promptly after complaints during the men's event, the temperature was lowered.

    However, one does wonder why said complaints came out after the men's event and not during the practices.

    Also, it's important to remember that figure skating events are very different than hosting a hockey game. Most people can sit in a cold, full arena for a couple hours without feeling ill. But figure skating events last all day. You can be there from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. if you watch practices. It's a different challenge for any arena to host. Boston is more experienced than most of the places I have attended figure skating events.
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    Quote Originally Posted by moriel View Post
    A comment about #2.
    First, i think its premature as even the top skaters still have 2 jumps in first half. If Zagitova keeps her 100% backloading next year, that will make 1 skater. Not sure if its worth changing rules because of very few people.
    Second, as a program with all jumps in first half is equally not balanced, i suggest changing it to "at least 2 jumps in first half, and at least 2 jumps in second half".

    3. Rather than stricter deductions, i think we would need more accurate technical calls. So UR jumps are actually always called as such, pre-rotated jumps are also called, and wrong edges are also called. Not like now that it all depends on the technical pannel blinking at the right moment.
    Also, "jump turned into a double" - i think thats strict. If a skater jumps a double instead of a triple or a quad at top level, its already a harsh punishment by itself.

    Random thought. Instead of throwing out top and bottom GOEs and PCS, imho would be interesting to add up all GOEs and then remove the top and bottom (like, the whole column), and same for PCs.

    Also, instead of awarding GOE, judges should just tick the boxes and let the computer do the math. The boxes ticked would be released after the competition together with scores. This would allow a finer tuning: for instance, instead of removing top and bottom GOE, the program could only take in account the boxes ticked by, lets say, at least 5 judges. For example, if only 2 judges that the entry to the jump was difficult - that would not be considered for the final GOE for that jump.
    Regarding doubles: let's be honest. A doubled jump in a senior level program (other than a 2A) is an error. It should be seen as "insufficient rotations". If it gets a 0 GOE, I'm fine with that, but it should NOT be getting positive GOE -- which, of course, only popular skaters would "earn" for their doubled jumps while all other doubled jumps from lesser skaters would get negative GOE.

    Also, while ticking the GOE boxes is an interesting thought, it would take FOREVER to score a skater. You're basically taking a vote for 13 elements, and then ticking 8 boxes of GOE bullets - plus they'd need headphones to see if elements matched musical structure.

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