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Thread: The state of russian pair skating

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    I think we will find out in about a month, if they submit her name as a part of the pair, or if Deputat will be submitted on his own. I haven't seen Deputat's name on icepartnersearch or on Russian version of it, so he is probably skating with someone, but whether it is with Proklova we don't know at this stage. If I recall correctly, the skaters must submit any changes in partnerships or coach changes by certain date, because at the end of May there is some skating federation meeting that approves the changes and decides on funding. Or at least, this is how it has been the past few years.
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    According to Tatjana Flade, Oleg Vasiliev has moved to St. Petersburg and is coaching in Moskvina's new rink. He is there with Deputat who is trying out new partners (Proklova reportedly has a back injury). Efimova/Korovin has switched from Pavlova to Vasiliev. Also, Boikova/Kozlovskii are getting their long program choreographed by Tchernyshev (music TBD).

    Link on FSU (post #985 and 987):

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    Quote Originally Posted by lavoix View Post
    I wonder how Kavaguti/Smirnov will fare next season. It would be great to see them at the Olympics in their form before Yuko's injury.

    I'm not feeling Zabiiako/Enbert, though they could be interesting next quad.
    Life isn't fair but I really hope K and S shock everyone with a return and win a medal. Unlikely though. I don't think Yuko has the power of Savchenko because I see similarities but Savchenko is younger and luckier. Both are determined and have strong partners.

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    I think they have a chance if they hit. The third pair spot is wide open for Russia.

    Just get the quad sal properly executed and they are in with a big chance!

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