Let me just say I'd rather watch a repeat of Ashley's MR than some new programs that are out there this year

Ashley is pretty consistent and I believe that makes her a good contender for an Olympic spot. She did not have the best season last year and we haven't seen her this year, but given her track record I think she's pretty safe if she can keep it together. And she should with these two programs. If they give her peace of mind, let it be. Being confident about your programs ticks one of the boxes a skater needs.

The criticism is coming from fans and I don't think she is bothered by it. We'll see what the judges and USFSA have to say, that's the only thing a skater should worry about it.

Karen and Mirai are currently looking like contenders for the other two spots, but it's still early in the season and we've seen them once.

I don't want to speculate over Gracie, but if she needs time to get better that is fine and let her be. If it is mental issues that she's dealing with she needs to focus on getting help and getting better. She will get better. Skating is less important right now.