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Thread: All star practice session at Broadmore

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    Quote Originally Posted by ice coverage View Post
    Adding some bits re Jump On It! Camp:

    - Seen via some Instagram stories:
    A Japanese film crew is shooting at the camp this year. And I think I recognize one of the coaches (female) on the ice as being from Team Japan, but her name escapes me .
    [ETA: Coach Hamada, if I am not mistaken. Hard to see the face clearly.]
    Adam is among those assisting on the ice.
    Frank Carroll is there. No surprise, as he was among the camp's many big-name coaches last year as well.

    - And .. I saw an Instagram photo that seemed to suggest that Brendan Kerry is there now too? The international notes this year are kind of surprising to me, given that it is an USFS camp. (Surprising, but not in a bad way.)
    (Vincent is in the same photo. No surprise, as he gave demos at last year's camp.)

    - From the Facebook Live session, learned that Nathan was one of the team leaders last year .

    Sorry that I had not realized that he was among those officially involved in 2016. All I had seen last year is a photo on the social media belonging to another individual (I do not remember to whom) that showed Nathan hanging out off ice with some of the campers. It was during the many weeks that Nathan was in Colorado Springs full time for rehab, and I mistakenly got the impression that he was just informally mingling with them. Happy to be proven wrong.

    The Facebook Live session is archived on the USFS page. USFS has posted it on YT too.
    Karen and Nathan both did a very nice job.
    I'm blown away that the Japanese girls were here for the camp. I honestly thought they were there for choreography. I wish I could see some videos of them.

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    Frank Carroll is the jump coach for the USFS so I'm not shocked he's there. People go out to him in California all the time for jump training and he travels too.

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    Seems a great idea to have these types of events, which enable athletes to gather with a purpose, be inspired by each other, and have the chance to get a taste for input from some of the sports' most capable coaches. Speaks to the notion of the value of training camps, which are not for everyone, 365 days per year, but certainly seem valuable workshopping and providing some points for shaping interval training, especially during the off season.

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    Each group has about 10 skaters and each group cycles through various on and off stations during the 2-day camp. The on-ice coaches are Drew Meekins, Peter Johansson, Frank Carroll, Mie Hamada, Tom Zakrajsek, Aleksey Letov, and Tammy Gambill.

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    ^^^Glad I took the time to listen to the Karen and Nathan FB Live session. They did a great job and their personalities really shined through!
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    FYI for those who are or will be in the vicinity of Colorado Springs:

    Broadmoor Skating Club announces 2017 schedule for Fire and Ice exhibitions. These exhibitions will feature members of Broadmoor Skating Club and skaters from across the country and the world who are currently training at The World Arena Ice Hall. Fire and Ice exhibitions will take place in Olympic rink of the World Arena Ice Hall and are open to public free of charge.

    June 16 6:15 pm-7:45 pm
    July 14 6:15 pm-7:45 pm
    July 21 6:30 pm-8:00 pm
    July 28 6:15 pm-7:45 pm
    August 4 6:15 pm-7:45 pm
    August 11 6:15 pm-7:45 pm
    September 22 5:45 pm-8:15 pm
    November 10 7:30 pm-8:30 pm (May 23) [emphasis added]

    ETA (on Jun 13):

    In case anyone actually plans to attend on July 21:

    The Broadmoor SC site has the same schedule, except that it says NHL rink for July 21.
    I do not know whether the link below is correct or whether the BSC FB page (which says Olympic rink for all dates) is correct.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ic3Rabbit View Post
    Frank Carroll is the jump coach for the USFS so I'm not shocked he's there. People go out to him in California all the time for jump training and he travels too.
    No one in this thread was shocked.

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