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Please someone handicap thee top six pairs in the world with your predictions for win place and show!
As far as Pairs go, I think Sui/Han are favorites going into the Olympics, but the others at the top are so outstanding that Anything Can Happen (which is true anyway. It's Figure Skating!) I loved Savchenko/Massot's FS this year so much that I wanted to see them win Worlds with it, but S/H skated outstanding. It'll be fierce between those two pairs, I think. One thing to remember is that Aliona seems always to be committed to risking big, with an element that could put her on top. It's admirable, but it doesn't usually work the way she hopes. I think Duhamel/Radford will be a bit on the defensive this coming season. They know that they have to have the tech edge to win Olympics or Worlds, and this year had to be hard on their confidence. But they don't give in! and maybe seeing themselves as underdogs again will work well for them.

I'd love to see Scimeca Knierim/Knierim move up a place or two, and I think it's entirely possible. She'll be gaining strength, and the two of them finally maximized their emotional connection this year. I also love Tarah and Danny, (and yes you said Kanye, the husband of a Kardashian), rather than Kayne. Either they, or Haven and Brandon, whom I also love, would be my best bets for being at Worlds, along with SK/K. It's a good opportunity for our pairs to do better at Worlds, with potentially some pairs pulling out after Oly; and I'm looking forward to that. I dearly look forward to seeing Ashley Cain and Timothy LeDuc on the international circuit, too. I'm torn whether I want them, or K/O, to get Skate America TBD, but on balance I hope K/O get it, as it'll be good for them to be seen by int'l judges as being among US top 3 pairs.

I fully love she will bring back hip hip chin chin. It would please me very much to see Ashley have two clean skates without the nerves.
I'm really happy Ashley's bringing back HHCC, but I really wouldn't have wanted her to reprise one of her FS too. I fully expect La La Land to surprise and wow the many critics of her FS choice. She and Shae-Lynne are such a great team and I think they're (as we speak, probably) applying great creativity and love to it. I'm hoping LLL will fully utilize Ashley's talent for drama in the program.

She is angry I think at herself and Frank and the world. Tara is always saying shenskated her best when " mad."
The first time I heard Tara say this was as Adelina Sotnikova took the ice at Sochi. I think Tara's really got something there, and of course we have her testimony that when she got mad, it helped her. I did feel the same thing about Adelina; the Russian fed had gone with Julia over her, and she had something to prove.

However, that feeling and rationale may not work for everyone. I have some doubt that Gracie is the type to get mad. She seems to be more motivated by positive feedback and by focusing on her strengths. Johnny Weir doesn't contradict Tara when she alludes to the power of getting mad, but I have the feeling his experience was different. I remember that he came 6th at 2010 Olympics and 5th at 2006 Olympics, but he was so much happier with his performances and his whole Olympic experience in 2010. It allowed him to go happily to the next stage of his skating life. It's also a great demonstration that for some skaters, placement and results aren't the whole story ... although we had a contrasting example in that competition: for Plushenko, I think placement was the whole point, at that time, at least. But Johnny, to me, seemed less focused on the rivalry between himself and Evan, and thought more about himself and what he could bring. His performances gained power as a result.

But some are very definitely empowered by their frustration/anger. Helps them focus and be more determined.

Gracie is training with Marina, but you probably know this.