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Thread: 2017 Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy

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    Does anyone have a video link to Yelim Kim's FS from the Asian Open? It is the one I haven't seen from the junior ladies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Dance View Post
    Does anyone have a video link to Yelim Kim's FS from the Asian Open? It is the one I haven't seen from the junior ladies.

    Finally got around to watching the junior girls' FS!
    Eunsoo's free is absolutely stunning when she can go relatively clean on it. Now all she needs is a properly sized rink for her to go full speed into those amazing jumps of hers! Have no complaints about the end results though I still think Eunsoo's performance marks are still criminally low.
    Rika's 3A looks so so easy, especially when you can see it up close in the official stream. Amazing!! She also has no issues with edges for her lutz and flip. Unfortunately, I'm pretty disappointed by the choreography for her FS. It's just really boring to me with no special or unique touches to it.
    There seems to be debate about Mako's PCS, but she definitely deserved her PCS for the FS. It was lovely to watch and fits her so much more than her SP. The spread eagle out of the 2A was gorgeous.
    Yelim! I hope she wasn't disappointed by her scores because she has much to be proud of her for staying so stable with those backloaded rippons! Her last spin keeps getting messed up possibly because she's tired from all the jumps and running out of time, so I hope she can gain stamina before her first JGP showing as that's the last element the judges see so it should be good.

    The level of the top 4 was so high already. JGP is going to be such a battlefield with the Russian ladies added in as well and I can't wait! Though of course I would be thrilled if I could have the opportunity to see Eunsoo live in Nagoya!

    Also, huge thanks to the HKSU for a great job of running the event! I complained about the size of the rink, but there's not much that can be done about that. Otherwise, I enjoyed the rink for it's bright lighting from the windows. Made it look like it would be a wonderful place to practice in the morning or sit down to watch with a nice cup of coffee. They provided an official stream with a commentator and posted some lovely pictures on their facebook page! Going beyond the call of duty and it was wonderful. Hope this can foster more interest in figure skating in Hong Kong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DorYiu View Post
    Kitty, you don't have to say sorry, it's a great sacrifice to not enjoy the program live, when it is right in front of you, we have to thank you for what you have recorded so far~ Who's your favourite so far?
    Quote Originally Posted by bluelutz View Post
    You did the great job! Thanks a lot!!
    To be honest, your videos are better than I expected (Sorry, I do not mean to offend you)
    If you can record tomorrow's Junior Ladies FS,
    that would be great, since Senior FS will be on live feed.
    but if you like to just sit down & enjoy, that would be perfectly understandable.
    Thanks again and we really appreciate you work
    Quote Originally Posted by tsuyoboogie View Post
    No need to apologize! You did such a great job recording so many skaters! It must have been exhausting~ I hope you can relax now and fully enjoy the rest of the competition. Thank you so much again for all your hard work!
    EDIT: BTW, I really appreciate you recording and uploading the Jr. Mens final FS run-through. Yuto Kishina is one of my favorite Juniors, so I was quite sad to see him have such a difficult time in this competition. Seeing him land his 3A and 3Lz easily in that run-through video reassured me a bit about his upcoming JGP assignment.
    Quote Originally Posted by karne View Post
    Oh, don't apologise! I am so grateful we got any video at all. I'd rather you enjoyed the competition! :D
    You are welcome. Thanks for your support! :D

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