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Thread: Yuzuru is going to put 5 quads

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    Quote Originally Posted by HanDomi View Post
    Indeed. I don't know why fans keeping in some way pushing for that 4lz. He can experiment with that if he cointinues after olympics. If he goes perfectly clean with his current planned content with high propability he is going to smash that 330
    Not to mention that audience and judges just loved Seimei
    Perhaps it's so that he can show that he's matching to the difficulty of the other guys who are capable of doing a 4F and 4Z?

    I also think he can easily win with a clean program with 4 quads - he has the quality, and a PCS advantage over other quadsters. Although with losses to Chen and Uno last season (who are adding difficulty themselves), it's understandable too that he's going for broke and distancing himself from everyone as much as possible.

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    LoL, Uncle Yuzu! How old is he...22?

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    I think Yuzuru has a reasonable chance to do the five quads in his fs. And reusing a program smart - he will know it inside and out. I have read all the comments here. My thoughts are as follows.

    1. Yes, the men's field are bringing it in uppng the technical content in jumps

    2. Yes, it will very exciting with all the huge and difficult jumps. At the same time we may see the quality and programs go down.

    3. I think we may be saying good bye to any chance for Denis Ten or Patrick Chan and I think that is kind of sad because they are beautiful skaters. however, the scoring system is very helpful to tech skaters and there are very little to differentiate on the pcs which used to be how Chan could win but now he may be 60 pts behind.

    4. I think we may see some amazing skaters but the odds are one of the big jumpers will implode and maybe even pop the freeskate that they don't make the long - kind of like Lu Chen I believe.

    5. I give full credit to these quads but it makes it harder to get the timing for the triples.

    6. I hope Chan gets the gold maybe not for the right reason. He is a lovely skater. He has been at it for a long time. Hanyu has his oly gold. And the Canadian curse deserves to be at an end. And now he is the underdog or the sentimental favorite. Will it happen? Will North Korea and the US become friends. Probably not but I agree with MRRICE

    7. Hanyu will get stronger and more consistent as the season goes on

    8. Hanyu imho is more decorated than Chan who does not have OGM and whose costumes are rather staid and simplitic while Hanyu is much more blingy and flashy or "decorated"

    9. Wow about the consistency of Evgenia.

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    mmmmm....I don't know how to feel about this....

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