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Thread: Nicolas Nadeau

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    Quote Originally Posted by siberia82 View Post
    For those you who didn't check the Canadian Figure Skating thread, I'm finally active again on this forum after going "missing" for several months. To make a long story short, I did finally get the operation that I needed for my life-threatening condition, so I'm no longer in danger of dying, but my recovery isn't going as well as hoped, so if my current symptoms don't improve after a certain amount of time, I may have to undergo another medical procedure. :

    Nic's sole performance during the National Summer Series is his SP from Minto: He withdrew from the LP.

    I was hoping to see his new short program in person at the Quebec Summer Championships, but after skating for only about a minute during the warm-up, he appears to have injured himself (or exacerbated a pre-existing one) while practicing an Axel, and he withdrew from the competition. Unlike the previous two years, I didn't get the chance to talk to him, so there's nothing for me to report.
    Hope all goes well.

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    Although Nic had pulled out of the U.S. International Figure Skating Classic (he was initially assigned there), he's listed as a competitor for the 2019 Souvenir Georges‐Éthier:

    Hopefully he'll actually skate there and Patinage Québec will archive the livestreams.

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