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Thread: 2018 Winter Olympics Tickets

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Sure, let's meet!

    That's true - with my schedule - I even have made it color-coded.

    The key thing is to have an interesting sightseeing program. I remember that it saved me in Beiging from my wife's revolt: she is not a big sports fan. And if I fail to properly entertain her she may prefer a spa to a stand.

    Some of events I may forego, though. Like speed skating where most of Russian top athletes were not invited.

    And I have extra tickets for ladies free, B level. If anyone is interested I could sell them at a reduced price. If no one shows interest to buy them before the 23rd I will be ready to give them for free to the first person who shows the interest.
    Hey Samkrut do you still have those extra ladies free skate tickets?!☺️

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triplecomb View Post
    for the free men's ticket I managed to find him the night before on the official website in category A, I did not understand why he gave them sold out and then a few days before it had put some of them on the market.
    Yes, it was frustrating, since the exact status of sales was not publicised clearly. My guess is

    1) Returned tickets from sponsors at the last minute.
    2) They were still finalizing the press seating at the Judge side until the last minute.
    3) Apparently, IOC recommended to keep 20% of tickets as the same day tickets. Though I'm not sure if this rule also applies to Men's free.

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