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Thread: Plushenko academy to open

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    Working moments.

    Good morning! Evgeni Plushenko , Serafima Sakhanovich, Valeria Mikhailova @plushenkoofficial @serafima_sakhanovich @lerok_mikhailova

    Eurhythmics lesson for the younger group.

    Valery Batishchev and Vera Kuchmy. Working on axel.Good morning. @valera_koks

    Excellent mood to everyone. #angelsofplushenko @adelina_sotnikova_2014 Adelina Sotnikova ,festival of figure skating,Dobrograd 3.02.18.

    Practicing spins. Oleg Ovsyannikov and Iva

    Alexander Plushenko: I want to practice!.

    Serafima Sakhanovich . Dobrograd ,festival of figure skating, 3.02.18.

    Preparing for competitions .Good morning!
    Varvara Kurnosenko, Sonya Chaplygina, Evgeni Plushenko

    One foot spin on the rotator..

    Alexander Plushenko . Good morning!

    Good luck ,to Varya Kurnosenko at Moscow Junior championships.

    Good luck to Polina at Moscow Junior championships. Ps: полностью прокат КП Полины смотрите ▶️

    Good luck to Sonya Chaplygina at Moscow Junior championships. Полностью прокат КП Сони ▶️

    Strength-training exercises for our senior group. Keep the balance .Coach Julia Lavrenchuk @serafima_sakhanovich @adelina_sotnikova14 @kira.prime_angel @mashasenyuk @lerok_mikhailova

    Evgeni Plushenko: "We are preparing a letter in support of Russian Paralympic athletes"

    Good morning! Valeria Mikhailova, Serafima Sakhanovich. @lerok_mikhailova @serafima_sakhanovich

    Anastasia Sokolova ,5 у.о. @nastya_sokolova_official

    Analysis of mistakes on a jump. Valeria Mikhailova and Evgeni Plushenko @lerok_mikhailova

    Waltz jump -loop jump ,Alexander Plushenko @gnomgnomych

    Have a great evening.

    👏🎂🎉🎈 #angelsofplushenko #serafimasakhanovich @serafima_sakhanovich Happy birthday,Serafima!

    Hristofor Kuznetsov,4 y.o. Working on a new program . Excellent mood to everyone.

    Our students train and perform in the show in Saudi Arabia ! Coach @a_deel23 and students @sportuliana @iliaskate @novozhilovaeva @sofiianedelina

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    ▶️ #angelsofplushenko @thegirlwhoskates Sofya Chaplygina. Moscow Junior championships,FS

    #training @samoylov_vs Volodya Samoylov 4Lz ,4S-3T

    @adelina_sotnikova14 Working on the program,Alexander Plushenko.

    @gnomgnomych @nastya_sokolova_official Have a great evening.

    Good Sunday morning. Coach Alexander Zolotarev and student Nastya Sokolova.

    Excellent mood to everyone . Acting class with Anton Kramer @kramer_dance_center

    Physical exercises for our youngest athletes 😊

    Varvara Kurnosenko .Moscow Junior championships,FS

    #training We wish you a great working week. Coachs Alexander Zolotarev, Valery Batishchev @a_deel23 @valera_koks

    Alexander Plushenko. Working on a new program . Полностью ▶️

    Alexander Plushenko. Vestibular simulator for figure skating Coach Amir @amir_habi

    Working moments

    Good morning!

    Working on jumps. Coach Evgeni Plushenko.

    The coach is checking Katya's skates.

    Working at the barre. Vera, Timur, Amira with the choreographer Dmitry @dmitry.zykin

    Doing arabesque spiral, shoot-the- duck.
    Have a great evening.

    Alexander Plushenko @gnomgnomych

    Great job, Laura. @laurenok_tigrenok

    Emily. 5 y.o Working on the program.

    Timur with the coach Evgenl Plushenko. Stamina test taking into account the duration of the program..

    Evgeni Plushenko and Laura @laurenok_tigrenok

    👌🏻@dmitry.zykin #angelsofplushenko #JazzFunk #dan #dance Good morning!

    Alexander Lipovoy , kickboxig, 3-time World champion. Kickboxig training helps to improve flexibility, stamina and to overcome stress.

    EVGENI PLUSHENKO Turin. 16.02.2006 Victory at the Olympic games.

    Good Saturday morning. #choreography

    Via Google translate:
    Nastenka @nastya_sokolova_official only turned 5 years old, but what a beautiful swallow she already has ⛸

    We develop a sense of rhythm and work on gliding.

    Excellent mood to everyone. @aleksandrlipovoy @plushenkoofficial #kichboxing

    👌@gnomgnomych @nastya_sokolova_official 😊#angelsofplushenko Have a great evening.

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    Thank you for posting all of these with the translated captions. I really enjoy them!

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