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Thread: Asian Games: Predictions Game Round 4

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    Apologies that this is being posted 3 months after the last competition. There were some delays, but that has now been sorted by scoring the Asian Games Ladies myself.

    Here are the Ladies results.

    This was a relatively low scoring round where nobody managed to correctly predict which skaters would make out the Top 5.

    Here are the podium positions:

    GOLD with 50 points: daphenaxa, NoNameFace.

    SILVER with 45 points: CaroLiza_fan, Sabrina.

    BRONZE with 40 points: apgold, breadstal, invisiblespiral, Nathan13, xibsuarz.

    Special mention goes out to apgold and NoNameFace, who were the only players who correctly predicted that Choi Da-Bin would win.


    To find out more, please see the spreadsheet.


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    Dabin my girl!, thanks CaroLiza_fan for official results

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