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Thread: 2017 Worlds Men's FS

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    I know I'm very late to the party but I thought I would write my brief comments on each skater's performances as I have rewatched the whole men's event on video (and I really missed writing here when the competition was on)

    Group 1:

    1. Michael Christian MARTINEZ: : I enjoyed his beautiful fs music he selected. 3A was beautifum from spead eagle. He didn't go for the planned 4Lo (I don't know how he is doing with that) but overall I enjoyed his skating a lot
    2. Jorick HENDRICKX: It was well below his pb, unfortunately, too many mistakes. Always nice posture and presentation, though!
    3. Keiji TANAKA: The mistakes on his two triple axels were very costly, unfortunately. But I have to admit that music by Nino Rota is always my weak point
    4. Paul FENTZ: Another music (Pink Floyd) which is my weak point...and I think it suited him really well. There were some problems again with the 3A (but the first one, the solo 3A was beautiful), but overall it was good. I still wonder why did he go to Worlds and why not Liebers, the National champion.
    5. Julian Zhi Jie YEE:: The choreo sequence was so great. The music choice also brilliant and he interpreted it perfectly. I enjoyed it a lot! I loved the 2A-2A.
    6. Moris KVITELASHVILI: He's more consistent since he switched countries. His 4T3T was beautiful. I think it was the first sb/pb of the day

    Group 2::

    1. Chafik BESSEGHIER: He didn't plan the 4S yet he jumped it at the end instead of the 4T. Good job! Almost a sb/pb. The program would be even better if he landed all those jumps.
    2. Misha GE: It was an honour to watch him skate his probably last fs ever. What a beautiful performance to this beautiful music. His ChSq was just wow! His best ever score + a standing ovation at the end.
    3. Michal BREZINA: This performance was also well below his personal best...but I liked the music choice for Misha. The timing of the 3Lo was absolutely perfect! Idk what to say more. It would be so great to see a perfect program by him but I'm afraid it won't happen any time soon...
    4. Deniss VASILJEVS: The kid has charisma! He's matured a LOT which clearly shows in PE and IN. Great spins. New sb/pb too.
    5. Brendan KERRY: Another skater who improved a lot lately. When he looked around and smiled a bit before the beginning of the program...that stole my heart immediately Wonder what happened to his 4Ts?
    6. Alexander MAJOROV: I felt so sorry for him. He did a great FS at Europeans but not here...Note: he skated right before ice resurfacing, and people started to go out before he left the ice. Quite disrespectful.

    Group 3:

    1. Maxim KOVTUN: Overall slow, too many crossovers, no running edges out of the jumps. I like what he does in general but it was far away from his best. He really did great at Europeans, I hoped he can skate well here too
    2. Alexei BYCHENKO: He struggled with his 3As a lot and imo he lacked performance. But overall he did quite well, and with this result Israel can send two skaters to PyeongChang. It's good that both Samohin and him can go there next year
    3. Kevin REYNOLDS: 4 quads, wow! Though I enjoyed his SP more than his LP (and I think he performs the short better too), this was a good skate. His 2nd quad salchow was beautiful and the 3F-3Lo combo is something extra
    4. Mikhail KOLYADA: His command on the ice is great! I love his old school music selection! Shame about the popped axel...but on the other hand he fully rotated the 4Lz which is
    5. Jason BROWN: Tbh I didn't enjoy his skating in television previously, but I changed my mind after I saw him this time. Great postures and performance, his 3As were very nice, the second one right to music. Spins are beautiful, too
    6. Denis TEN: Oh Denis. Heartbreaking. I've always loved his skating and he is even better to watch in person..but it just all went wrong in his fs. I just don't know what happened, I hope it's not an injury (if no, then I'm not sure if it was a good idea to switch to Morozov...)

    Group 4:

    1. Yuzuru HANYU: There is nothing more I can say about his performance but only this:
    2. Nathan CHEN: I'm sure it was not easy to skate after we say in my language, the difference between the two were the 'Sky and Earth'.
    3. Boyang JIN: 4Lz I liked this program but I prefer his SP over this a lot more. It was still a very good performance. Some judges hit the wrong button though? (Interpretation 6.75 --> 9.50?)
    4. Patrick CHAN: I think he connects to the music better in his SP than in his FS. Idk..but I really enjoyed watching his SS. Nice 4T3T too.
    5. Shoma UNO: It was a great performance but after everyone was going crazy of this program, I thought I expected a bit more from it? I don't know. That 2 point mistake on the lutz cost him the gold though...
    6. Javier FERNANDEZ: The first 30-40 seconds were so great, and the rest? He seemed tired during the program, as if he had stamina issues. It was a bit messy. But it was still a nice program to finish this event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chairmanmao View Post
    What would have happen if Uno rightfully placed over Hanyu🙄. Honestly Hanyu could easily have been a zero-time World Champion if the scores had aligned correctly.
    Asada's fans really love bad jumps.

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