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Thread: 2017 Worlds Free Dance

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    I finally finished off watching the entire dance event and sigh....... I'm not done with watching the final group of the ladies FS and the whole men's FS segment, so I feel I'm gonna use this emoticon more often later as well.

    Before watching the FD, I acknowledged several glaring arguments on the thread/YouTube/blogs although I didn't read them thoroughly. Those remarks made me put off to watch it though. In my understanding, some said this, others said that;

    1. Virtue/Moir robbed of Papadakis/Cizeron's World title with their reputation as OGM while the French saved the doomed FS event with their magnificent performance. The French should've won with a slight margin over the Canadians. The Canadians FD was overscored.
    Virtue/Moir's win is rightful despite his several mistakes in the FD because the competition is comprised of two segments and they led 6 point margin which is enough to win overall. P/C should get a better SD and their FD were overscored.

    2. The Shibutanis robbed of Weaver/Poje or Cappellini/Lanotte's bronze medal despite their technical errors.
    The siblings were in an insulting position to be snatched by their two compatriot teams, but because of their bombing, Shibu got their rightful bronze. W/P were boring and C/L should challenge other genres.

    3. Bobrova and Soloviev's FD score was outrageous and their program was outdated and their performance was sloppy. The Russian Feds tried hard to push them to get a bronze.
    Their program was enjoyable and why should their 3rd in the FD be upsetting while most of the top flight messed up or didn't deliver?

    4. Oh, poor Hubbell and Donohue

    5. Deplorable twizzles

    I was excited for V/M's return and thrilled about their winning the GPF finally, but my opinion is V/M shouldn't won the Worlds title with the supbar FD performance. I don't get how their FD score is just 1 point below their best FD score earned at 4CC even considering the tendency that scores at Worlds in general get inflated. But there was no score inflation this time except V/M's WR in the SD and P/C's WR in the FD. P/C got their SD score from their execution, so should V/M have. At least the overall score gap between the top two should've been very close. Though both brilliantly delivered in each segment by turns.

    Regarding the bronze, I rooted hard for either Weaver/Poje or Cappellini/Lanotte to take the bronze because I wished they shook off their past unfortunate outcomes. Moreover I loved their programs much more than the Shibutanis whose programs this season haven't attracted my attention at all unlike the magical Fix You. Their performances looked to me technically precise but lack charisma and they did relatively small skating. I'm very happy that W/P finally got out of the slump, but their both performances weren't that sharp compared to their 2013/14 or 14/15. Their coaching and environment change might took a lot of their practice time. As for C/L, while I really enjoyed their FD just a little behind P/C, I feel that the judges won't give high scores as long as they bring same old programs. Though I definitely would like to place them above B/S. I also liked Bobrova and Soloviev's program, but they could've done it better.

    I'm heartbroken for Hubbell and Donohue. The rate of Zach's twizzle error looks like going to be as much as Poje's. H/D was so close to the bronze. He could deliver beautiful twizzles in the SD (horrible music edits), but why not in the beautiful FD?

    The final results are also puzzling me. I also don't get how Chock/Bates beat Piper/Paul with the 4 point margin and got 1 point below the clean C/L who got the audience on their feet.

    Aside from the top contenders, I really enjoyed performances from the Turkish, Danish and Chinese team and am glad for their earning their Olympic spot at Worlds.
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