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Thread: 2017-2018 State of S. Korean Figure Skating

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    Credits: Hailey Shin
    Top10 for Senior Ladies
    1 Young You 69.53
    2 Eunsoo Lim 66.10
    3 Yelim Kim 64.53
    4 Dabin Choi 64.11
    5 So youn Park 62.74
    6 Hanul Kim 62.18
    7 Haein Lee 57.64
    8 Yujin Choi 54.55
    9 Su been Jeon 54.48
    10 Nahyun Kim 53.83


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    Junhwan suprised me. He really gave everything. Congrats for the olympic spot!
    Congrats to Young and Eunsoo for JW spots! But i'm sad for Yelim.

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    I prefer Yelim's and Eunsoo's jumps over Young's but I really like the later's interpretation and flare on the ice. I feel like her programs really work for her and she's plenty charismatic.

    Congratulations to the Korean Nationals podium finishers and the Olympic and JW teams!
    Especially happy that Junhwan managed to recover so well from the deficit he had but really sad for Junehyoung too, who did so well until here only to falter at the last moment. But at least the Korean selection process was mathematically objective, which makes it hard to contest it, but still there's the dual feeling of happiness for Junhwan's comebak and the sadness for Junehyoung,

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    Three-time South Korea national champion and 2014 Olympian Hae Jin KIM retired:

    Two-time South Korean national champion Jin Seo KIM is dropping hints on giving up competition. He has been dealing with a painful disk problem this season. If he does give up, then June Hyoung LEE will go to the 2018 Worlds.

    The above instagram page is now removed. Let's wait and see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shayuki View Post
    Agreed. I guess they really want to push You Young as the next Yuna(Good luck with that) but to me Eunsoo is significantly more enjoyable to watch.
    for me it's exactly opposite

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