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Thread: Developing interest in Ice Dance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chapis View Post
    I very well remember the commentators in my country very delighted with her. But for some reason I never thought she looked sexy or that the dress was very revealing, I guess it's because she is very thin. If Liza T. wore that dress another thing would be.
    I also did not believe her the sexy attitude , but I know that many guys loved it.
    I'd say she looked super sexy, but there was not much chemistry between them in that performance (still, I'm not dance expert).

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    I also thought Tanith was super stiff in her Latin dance. She hadn't gone to Linichuk yet, so her shallow edges and weird posture at times catching up to Ben, and the overall uncleanliness was very distracting to me. However, she is a beautiful woman.

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    Since the scores for ice dance seem to be steadily increasing from year to year , I have a hard time figuring out what qualifies as a "good score." Just from watching what I understand in ice dance (twizzles, reputation, speed, kiss-and-cry reaction) I'm guessing there are "y'all did well" scores and "with love from the judges" scores.
    Getting below 50 in presentation is kinda bad right?
    What makes the judges score stepanova and butkin lower than, say, chock and bates? Is it reputation? Does one team have a difficulty level that's stronger than the other? A lot of fans seem to believe the former is underscored, why?
    And what do people mean when they say papadakis isn't great and needs work? Am I missing something only an ice dance expert would know?

    I'm reading the Isu scoring explanations, but it's confusing without videos showing the "right" and "wrong" way.

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