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Thread: I, Tonya

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    Congrats to Tonya for making it to the finals on DWTS. I was hoping it would be an all figure skating final.
    Too bad this season is only 4 weeks long, though.

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    I know her making the finale is a bit controversial some, but it's obvious that Tonya has gotten her "work ethic" together for this show, which is nice to see. Appearing in DWTS and then making the finale—well, I'm not sure Tonya could've ever asked for more than that.

    Just curious—wasn't Nancy 6th or something last year? Was she a good dancer? She always looks like she's in great shape, so I imagine she was pretty strong.

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    She does not deserve to be above Mirai. I hope they make a Disney princess doll that looks like Mirai. So lovely.

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    For those interested, the student documentary “Sharp Efges” which is the basis for much of “I, Tonya” is available to watch online on Itunes and Amazon.

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