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Thread: PCS/Reputation Judging

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blades of Passion View Post
    Every skater does crossovers and the quality varies significantly; they are absolutely part of judging the components. You've belly flopped with that attempted shade.
    Eh... you’re a top skater so people have to expect high quality crossovers from you. Isn’t that normal.

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    Nah, plenty of high level competitors have shown weak crossovers. There's still a big difference between truly great ones as well and just "good" crossovers. The depth of edge and smoothness and amount of power generated, and posture while doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam-Skwantch View Post
    Is this a reputation based assessment
    no it's fact. even if some people claim to take a moral high ground and conflate everyone who disagrees as belonging to the other side

    and because I don't loose hope, here's another proof how wrinkled you brain is:

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