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Thread: Fantasy Oly team event - Team USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tahuu View Post
    Really? Then JPN can't advance to the team FS and USA is safe for bronze any other way. Now the question is which discipline, men, ladies or dance, they will split. I'd say let Max or Adam do the FS and let Nathan rest to fight for an individual men's medal. Maybe two dance teams are more deserving than two ladies to award the team medal opportunity.
    A country can qualify for the team event with individual entries in 3 disciplines. They are allowed to send one extra entry for the remaining discipline, but the extra skater(s) can only compete in the team event. That will apply to Japan and also to whoever qualifies from among South Korea, Israel, and Australia.

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    ^Thanks. ISU gets it right there.

    If CHN has no chance for a medal, Boyang may not do the FS and it'll help CAN. RUS and CAN will be really close. We may not know who will get the gold till the end.

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    The US Pair will obviously skate both events.

    The Ice Dancers will split, because the placement will be the same either way.

    I think one lady skates both.

    I think Nathan skates SP and another man skates LP. That will give him a taste of Olympic ice, leaving plenty in the tank.

    If everyone skates to potential, I just don't think USA has enough firepower to overtake the Canadians or Russians, and I don't think anyone is going to seriously challenge for bronze.

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    I’m have a different results. I estimated from season’s best from this year, WC results, and high scores. I think France and China could be exchanged with ladies’ results.


    Japan — 10
    USA — 9
    Russia — 8
    Canada — 7
    China — 6
    Israel — 5
    France — 4
    Germany — 3
    Italy — 2
    South Korea — 1


    Russia — 10
    Canada — 9
    Italy — 8
    Japan — 7
    USA — 6
    South Korea — 5
    France —4
    China —3
    Germany 2
    Israel 1


    China — 10
    Russia — 9
    Canada — 8
    France — 7
    Italy — 6
    USA — 5
    Germany — 4
    Israel — 3
    South Korea — 2
    Japan — 1


    Canada — 10
    France — 9
    USA —8
    Russia — 7
    Italy — 6
    Israel — 5
    China —4
    Japan — 3
    Germany — 2
    South Korea — 1

    Total for qualifying round:
    Russia — 34
    Canada — 34
    USA — 28
    France — 24
    China — 23
    Italy — 22
    Japan — 21
    South Korea — 12
    Germany — 12
    Israel — 10

    My rationale is that because Aliona didn’t do the event in Sochi, she won’t do it this time either. This could wear her out, and she wants gold no matter what. There is no chance at Germany getting a medal at all. Patrick has outscored Boyang in the SP at worlds. A clean Patrick will beat Boyang based on the PCS difference. China and France are very close in SP scores currently, but Laurine has gotten 60’s consistently until the WC. So I pushed her ahead.

    This means, Russia, Canada, USA, China, and France would qualify for the FS.

    For the final round ranking I have:

    Canada — 36
    Russia — 34
    China — 32
    France — 29
    USA — 29

    Final Scores:

    Canada — 70
    Russia — 68
    USA — 57
    China — 55
    France — 53

    In order for China to win bronze, they must beat France in ladies and must beat Patrick in the SP. Also they must win the FS over Canada and Russia. Also, if P/C decided to rest for the final round, it will give the US another point. I’m not sure if China is willing to risk both their pair and men’s medal by exhausting both teams. But they cannot substitute Boyang. They can sub Sui and Han, but will lose at least one point to the Russians. Possibly three to both the Canada’s and the French.

    But what’s odd is, the finals can be a number of combinations of Russia, USA, Canada and the following nations: Italy, France, China, and Japan depending upon how well their weaker teams fair. It changes so much, that it makes me dizzy. Finding out who the top teams would be is very easy. Finding out where the bottom ones are is really hard. Yikes... I’ll probably make result based on SB of men, ladies, pairs, and dance later.

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