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Thread: Mental tips for Axel?

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    Mental tips for Axel?


    So I need some advice for getting over a mental block with my single axel. I've been working on it for about a year and I actually landed it around a month ago. I landed it on my first try of the session off the harness and then landed it countless more times that session, and it was very easy for me. But when I skated again a couple of days later, it took be about 20 minutes to trust myself and rotate instead of getting scared mid-jump and not fully committing. At the end of the session, I could do it almost consistently. When I skated again a couple of days later, I didn't land it for the whole session. It's not that I am falling, it's that I'm not rotating at all because I am too scared- It looks like I'm doing a bell jump and not crossing my feet. Every time since then, I haven't been able to trust myself and rotate even after working on it for an hour. I fell like my body wants to do it but when I take off, my mind freaks out. All my other (single) jumps are fine.

    Does anyone have advice on getting over this mental block?

    Thank you so much!!

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    Try doing some off-ice before you get on.

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    Mental tips for Axel?

    As you know figure skating is an extremely mental sport and you can easily psyche yourself out. Train off ice and be sure that you keep trying to land it during every on ice session. You mentally have to invision landing it. You've also gotta believe you can land it. It will come back. Just don't give up.
    Make sure you have good knee bend when talking off for height and good snap when in the air. Remember everything needs to move together.

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