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Thread: Foreign Television Shows (non-US)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manitou View Post
    I think this one qualifies as a foreign show. I just discovered it and it's fenomenal. Beats GoT for me. A contemporary fantasy romance. It's a British show titled "A Discovery of Witches". It's a Sundance show available in the US on Shudder and Sundance Now.
    The cast, the romance, the suspense - I love it and I recommend it.
    Oh thanks for the recommendation!

    Does anyone else watch Netflix's CALL MY AGENT (Dix per cent?). (Also, huh, talent agents only get 10%? Literary agents get 15% on domestic deals, 10% on foreign rights).

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    I just watched Medici on Netflix. It stars Richard Madden of Bodyguard fame in Season 1.

    Good for learning something about the powerful Medicis. Richard is quite enjoyable as Cosimo de Medici. Season 2 features the story of his grandson, Lorenzo. Also really good.

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