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Thread: Wagner "furious" on scores

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    Quote Originally Posted by millie View Post
    "If ifs and ands were pots and pans, what would we do for thinkers". First of all, Kaetlyn is a world silver medalists, secondly, she won silver at Nationals. Most of all, she was out for a full season with a broken leg and had to learn everything all over again....Kaetlyn earned her spot legitimacy...Ashley thought that she was going to get another free pass to the Olympics and now she is "Furious". No comparison....IMO, Ashley has cut of her nose to spite her face or she bit the hand that feeds her. Sure there is no problem stating your opinion, but sometimes it comes back to bite you...Her fans should get over it and let the games begin...just saying. On that night, may the best skater win and good luck to them all.
    Another thing is she draws too much negative attention on social media by expressing too strong opinion about things. Of course you have a right to express your opinion about social issues, I do it all the time, but if your have a large group of listeners then you need to be prepared for consequences. People are going to bite you back. Lindsey Vonn, whose accomplishment to sports are in a completely different dimension comparing to Ashley's, said recently too much about politics and now she is being grilled alive. Her social reputation is done for life. Lindsey's rival, Anna Fenninger, who was universally loved everywhere on social media, started campaigning on FB about Islamic refugees and then her reputation went abruptly downhill. (downhill - that's her skills lol)

    Many here say that athletes have rights to say their opinions just like everybody else. Of course they do. But if you earn your social position with very specific accomplishments, like athletic, scientific, artistic, etc, and then you are abusing this position in other areas not related to your domain, like politics or social issues, then be prepared for a backslash. Especially in very divisive issues.
    Best advice - if you earned your position in athletics then stay in athletics. Don't cross your boundaries. Then you will be universally loved. Guaranteed.

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    This thread is STILL going???

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    I know right!!! This is the thread that never ends, it goes on and on my friieeeennnds

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinnerspinner View Post
    I know right!!! This is the thread that never ends, it goes on and on my friieeeennnds

    "Some people started posting it, not knowing what it was and they'll continue posting, forever just because"

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    Yes, this thread has indeed gone on long enough. Time to move on.

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