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Thread: Adult figure skating

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    Quote Originally Posted by Girlbird View Post
    I saw someone suggested putting your keys and things in your pocket while skating. This could be very painful if you fall. I would not recommend it.
    That was me. I’ve never had a problem. But she has a locker so you don’t have to worry.

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    Sorry to keep pestering, but I saw someone mentioning ice dance and interpretive. Do you need a partner for ice dance? And how exactly does interpretive work?

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    To begin with, you would probably take lessons with a coach who can partner you through the dances in practice and most likely in tests if you want to test the partnered dances. This usually works better if the coach is of the opposite sex to you, but it is now legal in the US test system to test with a same-sex coach.

    It is also not uncommon for advanced male ice dancers to offer their services partnering tests, for a fee.

    There is now also a solo ice dance track that would allow you to test and compete the steps of the pattern dances without a partner, and to do solo free dances after you get beyond beginning levels.

    If you're female, finding a male partner of a similar skill level to partner with on a more permanent basis is easier said than done. Most women who might like to compete in couples ice dance will not have an opportunity to do so.

    Here are some links about the USFS solo ice dance program and the National Showcase program. Many nonqualifying/club competitions offer events on these tracks that may or may not count toward qualifying for a national event at some levels.

    If any of these are areas you'd be interested in pursuing, see if there are any coaches near you who could help you prepare for these kinds of events.

    But you need to learn some basic skating first.

    And here's a link about adult skating in the US:

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    Quote Originally Posted by moonvine View Post
    Hi all,

    I have always wanted to learn how to skate. Currently I'm thinking of using it as a reward for weight loss, I'm too heavy to start skating now. I'm curious to see what kind of commitment (and money) are necessary to be competitive *on the adult level* for a person in their early 50s. When I say "competitive" I mean maybe make it to adult nationals. Thanks for any responses.
    Skating lessons were my reward for losing my first 100lbs so I understand your motivation. The amount of time and money you can spend can be almost infinite.

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