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Thread: The Dreaded 2022 Predictions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Farnaz View Post
    Your wish came true. In Continue with Wings Plushenko said to Yuzuru, not joking of course, "go to 2022 and win it" Do you think Yuzu will say no to his god?

    P.S. Though I might be wrong, my Japanese is not %100 and I might understood the interpretor in a wrong way.
    But honestly, someone tell him to go seasons by seasons instead of the classic retirement post-Olympics and little does he know, it's 2022 already. He's already doing next season anyway (thank you Japan Worlds 2019).
    If Aljona is 34 he can stay until 27 (To me, nobody has any excuse anymore unless injuries of course ! Thanks Aljona ) A Chinese friend of mine said that he was very famous in China. I want to see people getting CRAZY over figure skating again !

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    Heck Imma do this:

    Ladies: Alena Kostornaia, Evgenia Medvedeva, Wakaba Higuchi
    Men: Shoma Uno, Boyang Jin, Nathan Chen
    Pairs: Sui/Han, Tarasova/Morozov,
    Dance: P/C, Stepanova/Bukin, H/D

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    I want to say Alena Kostornaia for Ladies gold but don't want to jinx that given I had Radionova in the frame for Olympic gold this year...

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    Men - will Yazuru still be competing? If so him given they want more emphasis on the artistic side.

    Women - Trusova, but will rule changes stop her? (If they're freaking out about backloading and arms in the air what are they going to make of quads).

    Pairs - Tarusina + random Russian man who can do 3Lz-3T combination.

    Dance - Gubanova + other Russian man, I'd say Pitkeev but sadly sounds like his back is too far gone.

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    Ooh Tarusina in pairs! SBS jumps: 3lz-1Lo-3F and 3Lo

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    Quote Originally Posted by lappo View Post
    To those who follow Junior Ice Dance more seriously then me, which are the teams with the best chances for a successful senior career in the next four years? Are there any teams that you believe will shot to podium P/C style?

    I'm super excited to watch Lajoie/Lagha grow, they have so much potential.... I mean all these couples are great, but L/L are definitely my favorite junior ice dance team.

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    Russians sweep the ladies podium for the first time in Olympic history.
    Nathan Chen wins and Shoma takes bronze with a Michelle Kwan-like second olympics (although i would love to see him in 2026).
    Hubbell/Donohue beat Papadakis/Cizeron
    Sui and Han win

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    I really think Eteri girls wish anna, alena K and sasha, a podiun sweep for Russia is highly likely

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