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Thread: Who will you miss the most?

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    Definitely Javier because he's been such a constant presence for so long - I don't think he's ever withdrawn from a competition, has he? And Misha...both of them are so well liked and friendly with all the other skaters that it's just difficult to imagine not having them there. Galas will not be the same any more.

    Bychenko is not my favorite skater, but I respected him a lot for working hard and improving so much so late into his career. He didn't have an easy path or a strong fed backing him, so what he accomplished was pretty impressive.

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    I don't know if any skaters read the forums but if so, I hope Javi reads this thread so that he knows how loved he is and how much he will be missed. I am also glad to see that many people will miss the artistic and fun Misha Ge. He has been a joy to watch.

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    Goes without saying, Scott and Tessa, Eric and Meagan, Patrick and Elladj Balde

    Also Misha Ge

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