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Thread: Yuna Kim's double-double-double

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    Yuna Kim's double-double-double

    Quote Originally Posted by MarinHondas View Post
    Yuna was a great skater. The jumps she had, she did very well. I’m sure if she competed in this era of skating she would have done another +3t combo. She didn’t need it when she competed. I don’t know why posters feel the need to constantly tear down Yuna or analyze her 2-2-2 as if it’s bad that she did this combo( Med does 2-2-2 but there are no threads about her...) Off season really makes people bored huh...
    Oh that’s true! I’m here wasting my time because I have nothing better to do unfortunately!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rikaquegira View Post
    That’s mean!

    And in Yuna’s case it’s not like she couldn’t do it because of a lack of technical ability. There are videos of Yuna doing 3Lo in practice up until 2009 season and there was absolutely nothing wrong with them. She CHOSE not to put in her layout because of her health, because it was an option and it wasn’t worth it to do it just for the sakes of executing all triples(except 3A).
    In Medvedeva’s case, she tries but... I don’t think I’ve ever seen a perfect lutz from her. And if she completely excludes 3Lz from her layout things would get tight for her so it’s not exactly an option. She is great though, no one is perfect.
    But those ubers can be a little crazy when it comes to comparing two skaters (or in the case here, one skater to a whole group of skaters) who are not competing against each other and have totally different styles.
    I agree so much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cohen-esque View Post
    It’s probably better, for a skater with only 6 triples in the free, to just maintain one 3+3 instead of also training a 2A+3T. They’re going to need that 3+3 in the short program.
    That could have been the reasoning behind her choice, but also because her 3Lz-3T was so impressive and her money combo/trademark. Considering how easy it was for her to put a 3T in combo, if she thought it would have helped she would have no doubt gone for the 2A-3T, but I really don't think it would have helped her cause

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    This title makes me think of ordering a Tim Horton's coffee - double double - 2 cream, 2 sugar - sorry I couldn't resist the Canadian humour in me! Of course the extra double would make it extra sweet - just like Yuna Kim's skating!

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