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Thread: Volosozhar/Trankov or Savchenko/Massot?

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    V/T are my favorite. I love their Masquerade Waltz and still watch it many times. Dracula and Bollywood were also fantastic. V/T are the best pairs for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moriel View Post
    Yep i agree... From their previous quad, Masquerade only stands out.
    But their post Olympic programs were awesome
    Totally agreed. It's like the minute they were really gelling they retired and their comeback programs are the proof of that. Too bad they didn't get together sooner.

    Quote Originally Posted by perspicuosity View Post
    What are your favorite (might be considered iconic) S/S programs? I've struggled to understand them, since I think a lot of their innovation is compared to what other teams were doing at the time.

    My (limited understanding) list has:

    - Pina: Modern dance training! Aliona squatting in Robin's arms!
    - Lost in Space (esp. Worlds): SPEED. Pink body suit (this is apparently a theme).
    - Pink Panther LP: Also pink body suit.
    - Schindler's List: Using the not-pretty part of the music
    - Out of Africa: Composed and learned in weeks

    Those are their best programs in my opinion too. Pina and Out of Africa probably my favourites. Off the top of my head I might also add their last SP (I understand they went for a Pink Panther revival later in the season just to try everything, and subtle isn't always the way to go for the Olympics), Send in the clowns (I didn't mind the clown costumes and makeup, it was beautiful) and their Cirque du Soleil FS in 07-08. They had some interesting programs even earlier, but they weren't as committed to the programs at they became later on.

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