We all expected this and like many others I thought he'd already announced it, but it still makes me sad that the Chan Era is over. He was one of the best skaters Canada ever produced and is a true artist on ice. Perhaps he didn't have the mental strength required to win at the individual gold at the Olympics, but that doesn't take away from his wonderful and long career. I'm so glad he was able to get the Team Gold Medal and he was a big part of that and really stepped up to the plate for Canada's team. I don't blame him for retiring, thinking about how long he's been doing this. In many ways Patrick has a musician type personality and I appreciate how he spoke his mind and we always knew how he felt on certain things. I think he was wise to move to train with Ravi and perhaps it's too bad he didn't do it earlier, but there's no guidebook. He did what he thought was right for him at the time and I respect him for that. Good for him for considering a coaching centre. I know for sure there will be no one like him, and I for one will miss seeing him skate.