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Thread: Suspected overbooting

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    If your boots are too stiff, you could try and walk around with them in wet socks. That can soften the leather. Just make sure there is plenty of time to dry them out fully before you go on the ice again.

    Otherwise, everyone else has given great advice. Skates do take awhile to break in. It usually takes me a couple of weeks to fully break in a new pair. Jacksons also tend to make a stiff boot. Mine always hurt my feet, even once they were broken in.

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    Thanks everyone for the help.
    Heres the update. I went to gepettos and I have to say they are amazing there. John was so helpful, he stretched, softened and helped me punch out. He also replaced the original arch supports with some that fit my feet better. The skates are now mostly broken in and now are fairly comfortable to skate it. My feet still get a bit achy but once I skate more on them and finish breaking them in they should be just fine.

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