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Thread: Knierims to be coached by Aljona Savchenko

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    Quote Originally Posted by el henry View Post
    Alexa and Chris did *try* for unusual last year, with a Rohene SP to Paint it Black. I really liked it, but unfortunately I don’t think they connected to it, and quickly switched back to their old one. If they try different this year, I hope they like it better.
    Yes, but remember that cute interview where Chris laconically said, "We got talked to" (LOL) on two separate occasions. Once, to switch back to their old SP, and then to switch back to their old FS. Not sure which came first.

    I thought this was one of the (many!) interesting things Aljona said in the interview:

    Also, they love each other, as they are a married couple. They need to show that more. All this will make them more powerful and more enjoyable for people to watch.

    Their connection on the ice is one of the greatest things about Aljona and Bruno. And she knows the difference, (in my opinion, she and Robin didn't have it, or at least didn't show it to others). And Aljona has spotted that as something Alexa and Chris have, but she wants them to show it more, so that audiences can feel the emotional depth. Personally, I thought Alexa and Chris showed it more at 2017 4CC and Worlds, probably because all the emotions were so close to the surface, having just gone through Alexa's illness. Since Aljona has experienced the difference herself, she'll be very well qualified to help K/K bring it out more visibly.

    The plan does sound a little "all over the place." But sometimes what artists (on ice, in this instance) need is loosening, opening up of the horizons. I'm really looking forward to seeing what effect all this will create in Alexa and Chris.

    AND ... if Aljona can help them be more mentally strong in competition, and do the jumps more consistently in competition, wow, won't that be something!

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    While Aljona's interview sounds a bit chaotic indeed, I do believe that does not mean the cooperation will be in such manner. She sure has many ideas regarding coaching and maybe just has no fullest plan how to facilitate them. Besides, this is a new situation, both for her and for Knierims and there are suppose to be some adjustments and organizational work done to work out all kinks and stabilize relationship.
    Then, I think that Knierims may need a polish and to be given a certain new perspective about their skating under new coaching team - maybe to popular belief, I think about them as a quality team, with skills and potential on a very high level, but with consistency issues and jumping problems. In my opinion they do not need a complete remodelling - they need that work done in problematic areas and them gel this renewed quality inside their skating which I have no doubt will flourish more with better jumping and consistency adding to confidence. The improvement in skill could give them a right boost, but maybe having Aljona by their side with all this experience and perspective will be even more important in terms of this whole process.

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