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Thread: Practice Wear

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    Quote Originally Posted by VegMom View Post
    The ones I got for my skater I got on Amazon. I get nearly everything online because our proshops cater to only girls and even then the selection is very limited.
    Try Amazon or any of the many skate shops online.
    I have scoured both Amazon and all the online skating websites and I can only find the inserts and the skin tight shorts. I am seeking the looser fitting pads that more like jogging shorts.

    I think the ones I am looking for are made by an individual who sells them at local competitions. The skater who has them used to live in Colorado so I think the vendor is located around there.

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    To be honest, I don't really like skate wear or active wear in general. I wear yoga pants when it's winter because it's so cold, but the rest of the year I overheat easily and dress lighter. I like flesh coloured stockings + athletic skorts + a loose tshirt/polo shirt + a light jumper. I often wear legwarmers and I have a down jacket for while I'm warming up. I also have a second pair of gloves which is just a thin silk liner glove (usually used under motorbike gloves etc) because my hands get too hot in normal gloves.

    I don't know anyone else who wears skirts and stockings, it seems to have gone way out of style but it's the most comfortable choice for me. I'm a bit fashion conscious and I don't like wearing plain pants in regular life either, my taste is consistent on and off ice lol.

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    Really do not understand the judgment toward people who aren't in the best shape wearing specialized skating clothing. Is it not conceivable that part of why they're skating is to get themselves in better shape? Do they not deserve to be comfy? Believe it or not, people with different body types and at lower fitness levels can be most comfortable in a skating skirt, gasp.

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