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Thread: Practice Wear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nimyue View Post
    Shoot I wear size 6-8 jeans, but I have very large quads and there is no way Chloe Noel leggings would fit me. Besides not coming in large sizes, they don't come in medium sizes. I think it's just more aimed at teenagers.

    I had better luck with Mondor, but still not a lot.
    I wear a size 18 and actually the best leggings/pants I found were from VC-no idea who they are but they fit well and have held well through multiple wears and washings, haven’t shrunk, and were relatively inexpensive. Can purchase on eBay. When most XL are really M, you gotta do what you gotta do! Haha.

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    Those VC leggings look nice.

    I don't know why but it always makes me nervous to see these leggings that come down over the back of the skate boot. For some reason I just picture a blade getting tangled up in that.

    I suppose it's really no different than wearing boot covers but I just get a bad vision in my head.

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