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Thread: Ballet Music

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    ⛸️ LES PATINEURS (1937; music 1849 & 1854)- Giacomo Meyerbeer. 🍺

    [wiki synopsis:]

    The ballet, in one act, depicts a Victorian skating party that takes place on a frozen pond on a winter's evening. A semicircle of arched trellises separates the pond from the snowy woods behind. Suspended above are colorful Chinese lanterns that shed light on the white 'ice', and dimly illuminate the dark trees silhouetted against the starry night sky.

    The first skaters to enter are four couples dressed in matching brown jackets. They are soon joined by others: two girls wearing blue jackets and bonnets, two girls wearing red jackets and bonnets, a girl and boy dressed all in white, and a lone boy wearing blue.

    This happy group of young people dance together in various combinations, gliding and leaping and spinning across the ice until snow begins to fall.
    Finally, the single boy is left alone, whirling like a top in the middle of the pond.

    part 1 (8:26)

    part 2 (14:23)

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    So many choices of music. But we will still see a lot of Carmen and Swan Lake this season. 😢😢😢

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