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Sorry I am not able to help but I have another skates related question that seems to fit this thread. I am thinking about getting a new pair of skates and my first choice would be Jackson because that's what Nathan wears. However, Rediell seems to be the most popular brand in my local rink and the coach I consulted with preferred Rediell to Jackson. I haven't seen much mentioning of Rediell in this forum, or know any athlete wearing them. How is this brand?
haha, @Mamamiia, what's up, I was just like you, my first pair skates is EDEA because that is what Yuzuru Hanyu and Patrick Chan wear, both are my idols at the time. then I got Jackson because that is what Nathan wears . I kinda wanna try out Rediell in the future, because I found out Vincent wears Rediell.
probably not proper advise at all, just wanna share similar way of thinking.
as for fitting, I personally did not find too big a difference between EDEA and Jackson.