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Thread: Academically excellent top skaters

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    Quote Originally Posted by moriel View Post
    Depends on country.
    In Russia, physical education for athletes is a sort of a "guaranteed" uni thing, where you will very likely enter based on your athletic achievements, and professors will be very forgiving, based on same.
    Not everybody manages even that so you have to at least have some brains/academic inclination to pull it off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs. P View Post
    There are some good folks on those scholastic honors teams. ...
    Quote Originally Posted by iluvtodd View Post
    He didn't continue on to seniors, but Harrison Choate (US Junior men - pewter medalist 2012 - San Jose) - He was honored as one of the academically excellent high school students @ US Nationals, & recently graduated from Harvard.
    Vanessa Lam is another recent Harvard grad.

    Fun fact:

    No fewer than three skaters who eventually ended up going to Harvard -- Vanessa, Harrison, and Christina -- had been on the 2012 U.S. Figure Skating Scholastic Honors Team.

    If Selena Zhao has not been mentioned yet in the thread, she is in the Class of 2020 at Harvard.

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    [QUOTE=ice coverage;2134088]
    Christina Gao: Qualified for the GPF during her freshman year at Harvard. She graduated in May 2017.[/INDENT]

    This is BONKERS. Most people can't handle freshman year at Harvard alone, without a full load of competitive figure skating. Absolutely, mind-bogglingly insane that she did this and did not fail out.

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