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Thread: Most Anticipated 18-19 Program (Choose ONE)

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    how dwilson choreo works for zhenya and jason

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    I'd love to be able to anticipate Laurine's programs, but at the moment I'm just hoping it won't be too long before I find out where I can anticipate first seeing them...French Masters is too long to wait!

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    I love a comeback! so looking forward to Dai's programs, looking forward for Caro's free program I am hoping Lori will give her something classically lyrical again it just suits her!!

    Kaetlyn too if she comes back at Nationals!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsLayback View Post
    I dont think of Wicked Game as "romantic" ...I always thought of it as raw, sexy and soulful - the complete opposite of thier Ghost program
    Being one of the few people in the universe who hasn't seen Game of Thrones, I'd never heard this song till a few days ago when I looked it up so I could respond in this thread. So I don't connect it with anything, and it was just a first impression that the song could be seen as romantic, but mine was definitely not a negative remark. If it IS romantic, I was mainly thinking that it would look very different from "Ghost" or "Your Song," which I enjoyed from them, but it did get stretched out too long, for my taste.

    Aljona has said she wants to help Alexa and Chris portray their connection in a stronger way, and make it more visible and enjoyable to the audience. I think her experience and vision will make this program very very interesting, and I'm excited to see it for all those reasons. However, I really like your take on it as raw, sexy and soulful. that will make it all the more effective, I think.

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