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Thread: IOC Commissions move towards gender equality

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    Quote Originally Posted by andromache View Post
    Why are you assuming that the women have a poorer quality of work than the men?
    If i really sayd smt such: Scratch2:
    I think that real equality its when in such situation you not use words man or woman and simply choose the best people without any quota, cause so its always risk that work will go to people with not very good professional skill, not important man it will be or woman. I think that would be better to improve and upgrade screening and test system.

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    Meritocracy has also its problems - there have been studies (quite a few of them) that if two candidates, male and female, with EXACTLY the same CV and skills and accomplishments etc., apply for the same position, the man gets valued higher than the woman.

    Unfortunately, equality does not seem to come naturally to human beings in many respects, and it is necessary to take conscious actions towards making the situation different! Voting, education, work outside the home etc. are rights women have had to fight for, they have not been agreed upon mutually or upon merit or ability. It takes a lot of work - and time - to change systems that have been in power for thousands of years.


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