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Thread: Best Quality and Biggest Flaw

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    Best Quality and Biggest Flaw

    I remember vaguely there was a thread like this much long ago, but I’m going to steal the idea because I can’t find he thread. Anyway... no skater is perfect, even if you want them to be. What are your favorites best qualities and biggest flaws?

    Here are mine:

    Alina Zagitova
    BQ: jumping ability, tanks and rippons
    BF: rather rushed movements, borderline lutz edge

    Masha Sotskova
    BQ: elegant, beautiful lines, correct jumping technique, good deep edges
    BF: slow (in spins, in jumps and in steps)

    Marin Honda
    BQ: performance quality, SS
    BF: prerotated jumps, small jumps

    Boyang Jin
    BQ: 4Lz, ability to smile after a disastrous program
    BF: still lacking in SS a little

    What are your favorite’s best quality and biggest flaw?

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    Wakaba Higuchi
    BQ: Triple Lutz/Triple Toe loop combo; her genuine emotion
    BF: seems she battles with inconsistency (i hope will change with her experience)

    Nathan Chen:
    BQ: Cool, Calm and Collected demeanor
    BF: the Triple Axel

    Vincent Zhou
    BQ: his eagerness to be better
    BF: under rotations on his quads

    Deniss Vasiljevs
    BQ: his skating skills are majestic for his age
    BF: No quads

    Shoma Uno:
    BQ: his presentation and performance
    BF: inconsistency

    Alexei Bychenko
    BQ: The way he attacks his jumps! Fearless
    BF: he is seen as not artistic (i think

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