This is the type of topic that got me out lurk mode last appeals to this old gal's sense of nostalgia.

I have so many fave skaters who I still love to watch today. First listed for each would be my #1 if I only had one to pick. I could include countless others – you gather a few after 50-years-and-change of watching and enjoying this sport.

Gordeeva & Grinkov
Rodnina & Zaitsev
Savchenko & Szolkowy/Massot
Stolbova & Klimov
Mishkutenok & Dmitriev
Shen & Zhao

Honorable Mention to a batch of Canadians:
Underhill & Martini / Sale & Pelletier / Duhamel & Radford – for pure grit, not necessarily my favourite skating

Virtue & Moir
Torvill & Dean
Klimova & Ponomarenko
Wilson & McCall
Rahkamo & Kokko
Gilles & Poirier
Regőczy & Sallay
Bourne & Kraatz
Anissina & Peizerat

Honorable Mention:
Papadakis & Cizeron – ethereally exquisite
Hubbell & Donohue / Hawayek & Baker – became an ardent fan of both these teams over the last two years
Pakhomova (& Gorshkov) – Ludmilla was a star! I don’t think I noticed Alexandr much…

Toller Cranston
Kurt Browning
Jeremy Abbott
Brian Orser
Patrick Chan
John Curry
Robin Cousins
Alexei Yagudin
Yuzuru Hanyu
Stephane Lambiel

Honorable Mention:
Daisuke Takahashi, Keegan Messing, Ryan Bradley – they’re so much FUN to watch (Elladj Balde and Philippe Candeloro, too)
Ron Shaver – I think I heard Ted Barton at ACI say Ron and he were the first men skaters to sport moustaches? I loved Ronnie’s skating (and his moustache ), especially at 1974 Worlds

Ladies (historically my least favourite discipline… )
Midori Ito
Evgenia Medvedeva
Yuna Kim
Joannie Rochette
Janet Lynn
Yulia Lipnitskaya
Yuka Sato
Kristi Yamaguchi

Honorable Mention:
Elizabeth Manley / Kaetlyn Osmond – came through with the goods when so many thought they never could or would
Karen Magnussen – 1973 World Champion from my home town (at the time) and relatively close to my vintage :rockingchair: