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Thread: 2018-19 European Ice Dance

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    I’m wondering about Abachkina, Loboda and Drozd. Did any of them meet their new partners? I actually capture abachkina and drozed could make a wonderful team, btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohacz View Post
    9 out of 10 ice dancers in Bratislava are Europeans, which is quite obvious due to logistics reasons. I think it will be the first direct competition between both British duos. And although everyone seems to assume Vika and Nikita will be the winners, I'm curious about the judging and the point gap between them and Betina and Sergei (assuming both pairs skate clean).
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    Yup, the first time since nationals. Tweedale/Buckland haven’t yet beaten Fear/Gibson (who have never beat Coomes/Buckland) but a new season is always time to improve! Tweedale/Buckland got 146 at Lombardia and came 5th, which is much higher than what Fear/Gibson got silver with in 2016 139.6.

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