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I am surprised to hear that - sewing with stretchy fabric seems like wizardry to me, whereas I am pretty decent at sewing with cotton / non-stretch fabric. Teach me your ways!! (Sorry that this is going slightly off-topic)
For me at least, sewing them goes very quickly because you don't need to stop and press everything. Especially when you compare sewing a cotton dress with a liner and a skating dress with a liner. I also found the overcast stitches to be much easier to keep straight, you just line up the edge of the fabric with the foot.

The most difficult thing is top stitching elastic. If you have elastic in the collar, you need to top stitch it nicely because everyone will see those stitches. I actually have an easier time with fold over elastic instead of using regular elastic and rolling it under.

The main thing is that the fabric is stretchy so any little gaff you make while sewing doesn't matter much when you wear the dress. I don't have to sew fancy darts for my chest, the fabric just stretches.