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Thread: Oldest/youngest world and gpf champions?

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    Oldest/youngest world and gpf champions?

    I already know the whos the oldest and youngest to win the olympics since its easy to research and find but not worlds or the gpf. I assume mao is the youngest gpf for ladies and michelle kwan is the youngest for worlds in ladies and g/g are the youngest in worlds for pairs.

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    I think Tara Lipinski is the answer to both questions for ladies. She won both in 1997 when she was 14 (younger than the current age limits allow -- the age rules had just changed the previous summer but she was grandfathered in by having competed at senior events in 1996).

    Sonja Henie also won her first Worlds at 14, but closer to turning 15. There was no GPF in her day .

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    So far the oldest pairs World champion I have found is in 1923: Ludowika Eilers-Jakobsson and Walter Jakobsson were 38 and 41, respectively, and skating for Finland. Incidentally, it was also 12 years after their first World Championship together in 1911, wherein Ludowika was skating as a citizen of the German Empire and Walter was technically resident of the Grand Duchy of Finland under Tsar Nicholas II.

    And what are we counting as oldest? Both added together? The man? The woman? As far as I can tell, Aljona Savchenko is the oldest female GPF pairs champion, but Bruno Massot is five years younger than her. I think the oldest man is Hongbo Zhao.

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    I believe Plushenko was the youngest GPF champion in men. He was 17.

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