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Thread: Programs that you like that werent recieved well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by libecha View Post
    The costumes and choreography didn't really bother me at all. If they'd set it to different music, I think it would have been a good program. But the lyrics. . .it's like saying, "Aside from that thing with the iceberg, the Titanic was great!" It overshadows everything else.
    That's one way to put it!

    I guess I benefited from having never heard the song before, so I had no idea of the lyrics to Candyman, I had to look them up! Because they song is so fast I have to concentrate hard to really "hear" them which I'm not doing when watching the skating. But I'm old.

    Of course there was the nasty boy bit, but I didn't take that too seriously.

    I'm still sad that so many people hate polkadots!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    Thanks for the recollection. And a beautiful dream it was! The conception, music cuts and execution of the choreography were exceptional.

    I wouldn't say people didn't like it, though. Davis and White were still behind Belbin and Agosto in the U.S. and behind their training mates Virtue and Moir internationally. They didn't get the results that they were about to claim in a year or two.
    We'll have to agree to disagree there.

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    I saw a lot of people who didn't love Kaori Sakamoto's "Amelie" because of the miming, but I loved it! I thought it was super quirky and unique.

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    I actually like C/L's Danse Macabre with it's original concept. The program was a real departure from those of the quad before. Unfortunately, this FD was controversial and they came in third behind P/C and Shibs at that season's COC as reigning World Champions, so they had to skip a part of the season to modify it.

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    Trusova's Big Spender.

    And fortunately, the program was well-received (I think), but I love Hanyu's Sochi FS costume. It's my favorite costume of his, but even among his fans, it seems I'm practically the only one who doesn't hate it, let alone likes it..

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