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Thread: Which discipline is the most popular? And why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gkelly View Post
    … Looks like there are 18 senior pairs expected at 2019 US Nationals. ...
    FWIW, 2019 U.S. Nats official list has:

    15 entries in senior pairs. 12 in senior dance.

    10 in junior pairs. 13 in junior dance (Avonley and Vadym have a bye). (as of Dec 13)

    Do the numbers "mean" anything? I don't know.

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    I guess all they mean is that the numbers for these disciplines are within range of what they have been -- and on the high end for pairs.

    That says nothing about which disciplines are most popular with fans or general audiences. But it does show that participation in pairs is not declining, as one or two posters have claimed.

    Yes, these are pretty much all the senior teams that exist. But the fact that participation is low compared to singles disciplines, especially ladies, is nothing new. And not a reflection of what audiences prefer. After all, many skating fans would rather watch men's singles than ladies -- that doesn't translate into more boys taking up the sport.

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    Quote Originally Posted by el henry View Post
    Being very real, I find Alexa & Chris, Tarah & Danny, Ashley & Tim, and Deanna & Nate very easy to watch. Fluke accidents excluded of course. Just to mention the top four US teams off of the top of my head. Your mileage may vary.

    But the popularity of pairs, or not, has nothing to do with whether they are "competitive". At least in the US of A. Otherwise, and I repeat myself from a few screens ago, Americans would be flocking to see their extraordinarily "competitive" ice dancers. And they are not.
    Yeah the top 2 teams are not too bad to watch. They have improved a lot over the last few years. The IceDance is very very competitive. I think popularity depends where you are. This year Skate CAnada was a much better sell than last year in Regina for Canada. I think that had lots to do with how well the olympic team did and it really made people take notice. The Americans didnt have as much to look to. Last year at Start On Ice right after the Olympics in Canada it sold VERY well. I was at the Winnipeg show and I am not sure how much was in attendance but Id say a good 12,000 people at least. In Anycase popularity really varies by nation but in general Ladies is far in away the most popular, then the men.

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