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Thread: Team Rafael Arutyunyan

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    Team Rafael Arutyunyan

    I realized there's no thread for Rafael Arutyunyan?

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    True lol people should start posting on this it is a good idea

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    Team Raf

    Current Skaters:
    Nathan Chen (USA)
    Mariah Bell (USA)
    Romain Ponsart (FR)
    Michal Brezina (CZ)
    Eunsoo Lim (KOR)
    Marin Honda (JPN)
    Andrea Montesinos Cantu (MEX)
    Amy Lin (TPE)
    Mandy Chiang (TPE)
    Rachelle Kwong (HK)
    Shuai Fang (CHN)
    Yudong Chen (CHN)

    Others: Taichi Honda (JPN), Elizaveta Kulik (USA), Paige Farber (USA), Chelsea Mischuk (USA), Grace Yi (USA), Eric Sjoberg (USA)

    Coaches: Rafael Arutyunyan, Vera Arutyunyan, Nadia Kanaeva, Hov Sureni, Adam Rippon

    Team Raf Official Instagram:

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    Article with Raf's plans this year
    - Team Raf is set to move to the new training base in April
    - the next Champs Camp will also be held there, good for Mariah
    - they'll have 4-5 hours ice time everyday
    - Raf's doing a skating program for US skaters and their coaches to work with him "to see how they operate on the ice"
    - Raf analogy hour goes on about comparing skaters with vehicles

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    Raf will be busy at Worlds with Nathan, Mariah, Michal, and Eunsoo competing there!

    Team Raf instagram:

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