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Thread: Top Junior Ladies jumps traits (Height, Speed, Prer, Delay)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shayuki View Post
    I'm just using this chart from last year and comparing to Trusova's 62.9cm 4T:
    Yes, you can actually see it visually from this video, when she does SBS 4T with Erokhov. According to that table, Erokhov has 57,4 cm (3 cm less than Hanyu) and she jumps similar to his height, if not higher even from last season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianSkaterGuy View Post
    Because figure skating jumps have always been primarily about the quality of the landing.

    Historically, and even currently, when we talk about a program where the skater "landed 7 clean triples", the clean is referring to the landing. It didn't matter if the skater pre-rotated, or flutzed, or had a mule kick, or had a leg wrap, or had poor height, or telegraphed the jump, or had a lean in the air. The landing is what (most) people care about first and foremost. Of course, these things are now covered in GOE, as they should be, but when it comes to the primary execution of the jump, the focus is on the landing (and that extends to rotation).
    so theoretically, in your eyes, lets say it was possible for a skater to spin on their toe for three rotations, then complete one rotation in the air, you'd have to say that that was a quad??? lmao

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    Is it new height record, I wonder?

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