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Thread: 2018 Junior Grand Prix Final: Jr Predictions Game Round 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by tabsy View Post

    Firstly, apologies for the delay. I had the opportunity to interview somewhere, so I have been frantically busy the past couple of days. This is copied over from the Junior FD chat, where I posted the medalists after the event, but I have only just updated everyone's scores on the spreadsheet.

    Okay, this turned out interesting! I am super proud of Sofia and Igor but the upsets in placements mean fairly low scores across the board. I imagine Avonley/Vadym's low placement and Arina/Maxim coming second will have had the biggest effect.

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    PS do you like my table I'm quite proud of myself
    i dind't see this coming! (i do like your table)

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    Quote Originally Posted by tabsy View Post
    PS do you like my table I'm quite proud of myself
    Very snazzy!

    The only thing that would be better is if my name was on it!

    But, there was never much chance of that happening.

    Quote Originally Posted by cathlen View Post
    Actually I think it probably should be done for all disciplines? I mean, there were 6 entries as well in JGPF, it'd make sense. But I think CL_fan need to have a say, as he's the one to make the Rules. And maybe it is a mistake in ID.
    It was decided that the Junior GP Final would be normal points.

    Normally, the Junior GP Final would be the last round of the Junior GP Game, in which case it would have been the same scoring as the Senior GP Final.

    However, this year there was no Junior GP Game due to logistical difficulties, and instead the Junior GP Final formed the first round of the Junior Championships Game. Which presented a problem.

    You see, both GP Finals and both World Championships normally use the same scoring system. However, if we had done this in the Junior Championships Game, it would mean that the Junior GP Final would be worth more than the Junior World Championships by the simple fact that we are predicting on the Top 6 at the GP Final and predicting on the Top 5 at Junior Worlds. And whereas we could get away with that when they were in separate Games, it didn't seem right when they were in the same Game.

    I asked the scorers what they thought, and those that replied all agreed that it would be best to use the normal scoring system for the Junior GP Final this year.

    But, assuming that the Junior GP Game returns, we will be back to having the same rules for both GP Finals next season.

    It was just an anomaly this year due to weird circumstances.


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    Just an update in case I confused anyone...

    I did double scoring by accident it's now corrected on the spreadsheet and on my post here. Shouldn't make any difference on the medals.

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    Thanks a bunch for doing the standings! I really appreciate the effort that went into organising the contest, and am happy with my ice dance medal

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