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Indeed, but that heavy pre and under-rotation occurs not only on his 4Lutz, but other jumps especially his 3A. Aliev who possess great skating skills and music interpretation is a beautiful skater to watch but his jumps have been awarded with absurdly high scores for those have made me never fall into his skating wholeheartedly. Maybe that's my poor excuse, because I adore Miyahara's skating and artistry regardless of her tiny jumps with a lot of baggage just like Aliev although I have a hard time in finding female skaters with great programs these days as much as her or men's field is more focused on jumps.
I love watching him too. He has a glorious posture, good skating skills and musicality indeed. I dislike his jumps though, especially axel & lutz.
It annoys me when some skaters receive nearly the same amount of points (or even more) for the inferior jump. When the difference is visible on the naked eye, it tends to be twice much more cruel upon the closer look (slo-mo). And it is not like Aliev does some super hard entry towards his quad lutz that would warrant some special bullets.