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Thread: Robin Szolkowy moves to US to coach in Irvine/Los Angeles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohacz View Post
    The article says that Raf also will coach there: In addition to the pairs coaches, Rafael Arutyunyan, his team and their skaters have also made the move to this venue.
    Raf said he wouldn't move until after the season was over but some of his skaters have been among those seen testing out the rink lately.

    Andrea Montesinos and Marin Honda


    Knierims and Rippon

    Todd Eldredge

    All Year FSC is also moving to the Irvine rink so I would presume the annual Golden West competition will be held there.

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    Well, this can only be a positive development for American pair skating, which seems to need all the help it can get at this point. Fingers crossed this will light a fire under the program.

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    With Raf in the rink, wonder if some pairs skaters will take the opportunity to consult with Raf on improving their SBS jumps? US pairs could use the help.

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    The Kneirims jumping ship from Aljona only to wind up with Robin in their camp is the kind of hilarious coincidental drama I live for. Sorry I'm trash but

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