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Thread: 2019 4CCs: Ladies' FS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    One thing, though. Each skater has to design a program for herself without knowing what others are going to do. If a competitor comes out with something just as lilting and floaty as my choice (or even skates to the same music) -- I don't have any control over that.

    Now if it were a show instead of an athletic competition, they could arrange the acts by putting in, say, a comic routine between two floaty ones.
    I think at this point skaters can just assume that 50% of the programs will be light and floaty (or Carmen) and just avoid that kind of music all together. At least for one season.

    In Mai defence (kinda) It’s Magic is performed in a more heavy sly flirty by Doris Day but Mai has chooser not to portray that side of the music.

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    I think Rika has the most completed package out of all the ladies. Her 3A is the best one out of all her GP attempts and her 3Lz+3T is much bigger than from GPF one. Given her hand injury, i now know why she didn;t bother to do any tano on her Flip. But without the tano, i feel her flip look bigger and much better rotated. But bravo for her team and her to have Plan B and C, in case things did not go as planned.

    From my calculation, even without the 3A, her clean SP can score 72-75 range and her 8 triples LP score 150+ that is easily monstrous score. Can't wait for world when she goes head to head with Zigatova.

    Happy for Mia to earn at least a medal, and but she continue to have issues with getting < on her 3Lz+3T and her SP continue to be her nemesis. Elliz Tuk improved alot on her jumps, but she needs to work on her PCS.

    Sad for Kaori =( ... shame about the miss 2A combo. Given her power, she could easily add the 1A+2T. Its always a heartbreak to miss podium by less than one point.

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